Wallace Packaging (NI) Ltd

Inde Plastik

Wallace Packaging (NI) Ltd are stockists of a wide variety of Inde Plastik products which are made from polystyrene and are suitable for food use.  This line of packaging includes burger boxes, large and small, supper boxes, dinner boxes, hot potato boxes, hot dog boxes and much more.  It is a very popular range and comes in various colours.

Dart Products

We are also the main stockist of Dart Products which are the leading sellers of polystyrene cups and containers.  These range from dip tubs, cups from 7oz to 32oz, squat and extra squat containers with lids to suit every size of cup if desired.  Café G cups, sip-thru lids, plastic Conex Cups & domed lids. Chip cones, polystyrene bowls and much more!